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Massimo Ranieri, Dayle Haddon, Conchita Airoldi, Laura Betti, Luigi Casellato, Stefania Casini, Francesca Romana Coluzzi, Christian De Sica, Jole Fierro, Loredana Martínez, Stefano Oppedisano, José Quaglio, Cinzia Romanazzi, Lisa Seagram
Aldo Lado
A strong plot and mutual physical attraction binds the sensual Enzo since adolescence and her cousin Agata: the two are happy with amusement tricks erotic equivocally poised between innocence and malice instinctive. In the years after Enzo neglects the university where it is written and prefers the abundant pleasures of the "Sicilian beef. Agata instead, circumventing the court of his cousin, the Baron prefers the flaccid Ninì from whose desires marriage license, money and comfort. Achieved this goal, the crafty and malicious woman reconciles with Enzo and it is given ...
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